The Body Shop: Colour Crush Nail Polish Review

The Body Shop: Colour Crush Nail Polish Review

Welcome back and a belated Happy New Year to all!

I purchased some nail polishes from The Body Shop during my Boxing Day shopping spree, after they caught my eye. They sell in a pack of 3 for £6.99, however, I managed to get them on sale for only £1!

P.S. Let’s all ignore the fact that my middle nail is shorter than the rest (I chipped it whilst trying to open my suitcase, sad times)



The first polish I went for was 640: Mint Cream. I loved the summery pastel vibe of this colour and how smooth it looked against the nail. After 2 coats, the shine on the look was very apparent, which I liked.



My favourite shade was 620: Got the Blues. I have been after a blue shade that wasn’t too dark or too light and this polish offered the perfect shade. Again, this took 2 shades to give off the final look. It is the perfect shade for spring and summer. I did not experience any chipping with this either, which was great.



Finally, the last polish I chose was 680: Blue Abyss. This is definitely not a shade would typically select as I don’t really tend to go for darker nail looks – unless I add a kind of pattern on. However, what made me pick this was how radiating it looked in the light. The mystic vibe it gave off was amazing! Unfortunately, the final look was not what I originally pictured it to look like, as the blue topaz effect was not very apparent and the shade looked black in some instances.


Another main issue I had with this shade was that it stained the cuticles. I took off the shade about a week later and though the nail bed was clear, it took a bit of force to get the polish off the cuticle. However, I did not face this issue with the other two polishes, indicating that this probably only happens with the darker shades.

Perhaps my favourite thing about the polishes, particularly the lighter shades, is that they are very shiny and almost give off a gel polish effect, which typically contains a lot of bad chemicals. However, this polish is……….TOTALLY VEGAN AND TOXIC FREE!!! The formula used is free from the bad ingredients such as Formaldehyde (which has been linked to reproductive issues), toxic chemicals, including Camphor, Dibutyl phthalate and Toluene. So this is a great choice for those of you who want to find an ethical polish that does the job perfectly.

Overall, I would definitely recommend the polishes due to the high consistency of coats, shine and of course cruelty-free formula. But I did prefer the lighter shades.

P.S. I didn’t put a top coat on when these pictures were taken, so expect an even shinier, more popping look!!!

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2 thoughts on “The Body Shop: Colour Crush Nail Polish Review”

  • You’ve reeled me in! These look amazing and the price point, both before and after discount, is even better! The shades are really nice! Didnt know Body Shop had a nail polish range but now I’ll def. make a purchase!

    • Aww thanks for the love, exactly! I was so suprised when I found out they do nail varnish. They even have nail heathcare products too! 😀

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