8 Nail Care Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

8 Nail Care Tips for Strong and Healthy Nails

Nail art may make your nails look fancy and elegant on the surface, but taking care of your nails is just as important.  Ensure you are maintaining healthy nails with these nail care tips:

Nail Care Tips

8 Nail Care Tips

1) Regularly trim your nails: this keeps your nails growing at a healthy pace. Nails that are too long are also prone to breaking (fun fact: I once snapped my nail in half whilst watching paranormal activity in the dark, learnt a lesson that day)

2) Your tools need some love too!: Disinfecting your nail tools such as nail clippers and cuticle pushers between uses to get rid of any bacteria is just as important as cleaning your makeup brushes.

3) Give your nails a break: going from one nail polish to another can dry out your nails, cause discolouration and weaken the nail. Using a clear polish or nail hardener during this break is a good idea, that way your nails won’t feel completely naked.

4) Moisturise, Moisturise, Moisturise: when moisturising your hands, apply lotion onto your nails and cuticles. This helps prevent cracking and peeling of the nail.

5) Limit the acrylic: acrylic nails may look great, however overuse of them can weaken the nail, causing breakage. They can also cause inflammation and itchiness of the cuticles if the tools used are worn out. This may also cause splitting of the nail plate (particularly if you have thinner nails) and in extreme cases, infection.

6) Stop cutting your cuticles: although peeling hangnails can be painful and cutting them off can be tempting. if they aren’t trimmed away properly they can cause more damage. The cuticle’s main function is to keep nails healthy, protecting them from fungus, bacteria and yeast. Instead, apply cuticle remover gel or cream and gently push your cuticles back with a cuticle stick.

7) Rubber Gloves are your BFF: wear cotton-lined rubber gloves whilst washing dishes, cleaning and doing any activity that involves handing chemicals. This not only protects your polish from fading, but it also keeps any harsh substances from drying out your hands.

8) Avoid over-use of nail-polish remover: Try to use a minimal quantity of nail-polish remover and avoid too much of it on your skin or cuticles. Choosing acetone-free removers is helpful, as acetone dries out the nails.

I hope you have enjoyed these nail care tips and can apply these steps to have healthy nails that glow inside and out. Thanks for reading! Click here to subscribe for updates and here to view more posts 🙂

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