Four affordable tools for slaying nail art at home

Four affordable tools for slaying nail art at home

In a previous post, I shared some of the items I use for an affordable, stress-free and healthy at-home manicure. Now to get your creative juices flowing! Crazy and extravagant nail art can seem daunting but with regular practice, your imagination and the help of a few tools you can easily take your nail game to the next level and create nail art at home. Here are four affordable tools for slaying nail art at home.


Four tools for slaying nail art at home


1) Dotting toolnail art at home - dotting tool

A dotting tool is a must for anyone wanting to try out nail art in a simple and affordable way. These are used to make dots of different sizes or create a design using a series of circles. They typically consist of two ends – one for small-sized dots and the other to achieve larger more precise dots. 

Here is an example of some looks I have created with a dotting tool:



Where to get it: dotting tools can be found in your local health and beauty shop e.g. Superdrug, Amazon has plenty to choose from, most of which are under £5. 

For more information on using a dotting tool check out my post on dotting tool tips for beginners. 


2) Nail Art Pen


nail art at home - nail art pen

These have been a game-changer for me. Nail art pens come in many different forms e.g. squeeze-able pens, markers with fine tips that are great for detail. I would suggest starting with one pen (I started with a black nail art pen) and trying different designs e.g. flowers, stripes, stars. From there, you can start using more colours and trying to more intricate designs. 

Nail pens can be a little difficult to use at first and takes a steady hand, but practice makes perfect! A great way is to start on paper to get used to the different strokes the pen provides. Don’t forget to apply to top coat after you apply your pen to your manicure to make sure your design holds. 

Here are some examples of designs I have created using nail art pens. 


nail art at home - plaid pattern


Where to get it: I get my pens from Rio Beauty and have been using these for years now. They are very affordable and come with a 2 in 1 squeezable pen and a very thin brush which is great if you want to finer designs. There are different sets available in 6 shades. I would suggest the classic set. 


3) Nail Art Brush


nail art at home - nail art brush


This is similar to a nail art pen but instead of having a set colour, you can apply this to any nail polish of your choice. I would suggest getting a set of brushes of different sizes e.g. thin tips for thin lines, squiggles and details, thicker brushes for larger shapes. Similar to using a paintbrush ensure that you clean your brush tip with polish remover immediately after use. This will also help prevent the varnish from sticking to the brush and hardening. This is also crucial if you are using multiple shades.

Here are some examples of looks I have created with nail art brushes:


easy nail art at home


Where to get it: eBay and Amazon have a range of extremely affordable sets, most of which cost under £10. 


4) Striping tapes


nail art at home - striping tape


A striping tape is a thin metallic tape that is pressed onto the nail then removed to create clean and straight lines. They are often used for French manicures to achieve the perfect tip but are also great when you just want to play around with space on the nail.  This is typically recommended for those getting into nail art for the first time as it can be difficult to get smooth lines with a steady hand. After some time and practice, you should be able to create lines without using a tape. 

Tip: make sure your polish is fully dry before peeling the tape off to ensure a clean removal.

Here are some looks I have created with nail stripes:



Where to get it: Amazon is great for affordable tapes. Additionally, any online nail suppliers will have a selection of colourful and patterned tapes to select.


I hope you have enjoyed this post and it encourages you to try out some nail art at home. 


Lots of love,


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