Met gala nails: nail art inspired by the fiercest outfits

Met gala nails: nail art inspired by the fiercest outfits

The Met Gala is one of the most anticipated events in the fashion industry. I personally love seeing all the different looks and how each person interprets the theme. But there is one major detail that is often overlooked amidst all the costumes and crazy hairstyles; the nail art.

This year the theme was ‘Camp: Notes on Fashion’, celebrating all things over-the-top and exaggerated in fashion. Here are some of my favourite celeb-studded met gala nails:

Met Gala Nails: the fiercest manicures


Hailee Steinfield by Tom Bachik

met gala nails

Source: Instagram @tombachik

First of all, I’m in love with this neon green shade. Second, I love the detail of this look and the use of shapes to create a 3D effect. The inspiration for this look as a candy wrapper which I think is amazing.


Constance Wu by Kim Truong

met gala nails

Source: Instagram @kimkimnails

This look was the perfect combination of elegant and extra. The metallic burgundy gives off a bold and edgy feel which is elevated with the use of Swarovski crystal embellishments (*cries in broke*), showing how a little bit of shine can really transform a nail look.


Elle Fanning by Nails by Mar y Soul

met gala nails

Source: Instagram @nailsbymarysoul

This look took the theme of camp to the next level. Though it isn’t the kind of nail look I would typically go for, it’s fun, its fierce, it’s extra! I love everything about it.

Met Gala 2019 Inspired Nail Art

Since this blog is all about creating nail art from everything and anything, I decided to create two looks based on some of my favourite costumes:

Cara Delevingne in Dior

met gala nails

Source: Instagram @robzangardi


To create this look I used a nail art brush (the thin end of a dotting tool will also work) and drew horizontal lines across the nail using a different colour each time. I finished this off with a top coat.

*Remember to clean your brush each time you draw a new line to prevent colours from mixing together


Janelle Monae in Christian Siriano

met gala nails

Source: Instagram @csiriano

  1. To create this look I started off with applying a baby pink and cream shade across different sections on the nail (see image above)
  2. I then added in a darker shade of pink and used a black nail art pen to add in some vertical lines.
  3. To create the eyes I used a black nail art pen, starting by outlining an oval shape, then filling in a circle within this.
  4. Next, I used a red nail art pen (dipping a dotting tool in red polish will also work) to create ‘heart lip’ shapes then outlined this using a black nail art pen.
  5. Finish off by adding any extra little touches (I added some crosses and thin lines) and seal the look with a top coat.


I hope you have enjoyed these looks and feel inspired to create a design based on an outfit that has caught your eye or perhaps your favourite item of clothing. What were your favourite looks from the Met Gala? Comment down below.

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