HEMA Long Lasting Nail Polish Review

HEMA Long Lasting Nail Polish Review

I first found out about HEMA Long Lasting nail polish when visiting Amsterdam (take a look at my Amsterdam inspired nail here) and was excited to find out they had a few branches in London (though these were nowhere as fancy ). You can get a range of items here such as makeup, snacks and stationery. I really like HEMA’s brand message too: ‘to make daily life easier and more fun’.

The shades are said to be ‘long-lasting’ which is plastered on the front of each bottle, I decided to put this to the test. I tend to try and avoid leaving polish on for too long to avoid staining but I thought it was worth a try!

The polishes ranged from £3-£4 which is great for those who want to try a new shade without spending a lot of money. These shades also contain argan oil which is great for keeping the nail and cuticle protected and moisturised.


HEMA Nail Polish: Calm Down Brown

This is a shade that can really go with everything. I also think it acts as a great nude for those with darker skin (which can be difficult to find on the market). I’ve never really tried out a shade like this as I felt it would look weird against my skin but I really liked this in the end. Nail polish doesn’t always need to be flashy and stand out, nude polishes provide a chic minimalistic look that can help elongate fingers.

Two coats would have been enough for this, but I decided to put an extra one on top to get full coverage considering this was a lighter shade.


HEMA long lasting nail polish: Calm Down Brown


HEMA Nail Polish: Oh My Olive

This was my favourite shade overall since the colour was quite unusual but really striking. It is the kind of shade that works all year round e.g. it’s perfect for summer but I also get Christmas vibes too.

I also liked the consistent texture as it was not too watery or too thick. With two coats the polish gives a sleek and shiny final look.


HEMA Long Lasting Nail Polish: Oh My Olive


HEMA Nail Polish: Sea Grass

This was probably my least favourite of the four, but I think this is more due to the fact that I loved the other green shade so much that this would just be the snubbed by default. I did like the smooth texture and found that the colour is a lot more appealing in the light.

The consistency was a little thinner than the other shades but this is expected with lighter shades. I used two coats for this.


HEMA Long Lasting Nail Polish: Sea Grass



HEMA Nail Polish: Wacky Wulnut

The first thing I noticed about this was that the actual colour was a bit darker than what appeared on the bottle. Though I was a bit disappointed about this at first, I ended up really liking it and was really impressed with how glossy it was.

This shade had the least chipping out of all four after about two weeks. I honestly don’t think you need to use 2 coats for this one, but two does provide better coverage.

HEMA Long Lasting Nail Polish: Wacky Wulnut



HEMA Nail Polish


So, is it really long-lasting?

Overall, I would say that this range is great value for money. The polishes dried relatively quickly and had a glossy finish which was nice. This polish also has a wider brush that makes it easier to apply. In terms of the ‘long-lasting’ effect, I would say that these would last about 2-3 weeks, with the darker shades lasting longer. I would recommend using a top-coat to really get the most out of these polishes as, without it, you may get a bit of chipping on the tips of the nails.

The colours are not exactly as they seem on the bottle so it is probably best to use a tester beforehand to get an accurate view of how this will appear on your nail.

If you get the chance, I’d definitely recommend giving this shop a try, even if it is not for the nail polish, they have a lot of unique products. Check out the full range here: https://www.hema.com/en-gb/beauty-cosmetics/make-up/nail-polish

P.s. if you decide to go to the one in London’s Oxford Street, just a heads up that it is INSIDE THE SHOP ‘NEXT’ – Google Maps was not my friend that day.

Hope you enjoyed the review and stay tuned for more posts 😀

Rianna xoxo



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