4 gradient nail designs to try this summer

4 gradient nail designs to try this summer

The paradox of choice is a theory that having too many options to choose from can cause stress and make decision-making difficult, often leading to dissatisfaction with one’s final choice. I’m sure many people can relate to this feeling when deciding on a nail polish colour or shade. You might be in the mood for something fun and bright then become bored of this a couple of days or choose a darker shade based on your mood than changes in a few hours. 

One of the biggest nail art trends that have taken over our Instagram feeds is known as gradient nails, or ombre nails or one could even call this multicolour nails. This design uses complementary colours or different shades of the same colour (or a completely different colour in many cases) to create a gradient effect along the nails. 


Why are gradient nails so popular?

What makes gradient nails so effective is that they are a fairly simple design to create. They don’t require any technical elements or nail tools, yet can give off such a fun and playful and even elegant look depending on what colour scheme you decide to go for. They are a simple way to give your nails an upgrade from the comfort of your own home. The part that requires the most effort is choosing the shades. This also happens to be my favourite part as I gave me to excuse to rearrange my polish. I try to organise this by colour but like many other aspects of my life, this always ends up a bit messy.

Another thing I love about this design is that there is no one way to create gradient nails. There are many variations to try out, whether you prefer pastel colours, darker tones or even matte nails. Here are four gradient nail designs to try out:


4 gradient nail designs to try out


1) Pink and purple pallette 

I had a dark and light shade of pink as well as a dark and light shade of purple that I really love and wanted to combine together. I decided to add in a mushroom shade to balance out the pink and purple. 


gradient nails pink gradient nails 


2) Fifty shades of green

I have a few green shades that are quite awkward colours when used alone, and other shades that I use all the time. I decided to combine these together to create this look.


green gradient nails

green ombre nails


3) Taste the rainbow

This look is perfect for summer. I went with a mix of bright yellow and orange against pinkish pastel shades for this. Great for the indecisive!


multicolour nails

gradient nails multicolour

4) Grayscale

This look took a bit of experimenting. I only had one black shade, one grey and one white so I mixed some of this together to create different shades. This was a lot of fun and reminded me of when I used to paint in school. I also don’t’ often paint my whole nails black as I feel this colour doesn’t stand out much on my skin. This was a great way to finally incorporate black polish. 


grey gradient nails

black and white gradient nails



I hope you have enjoyed this post and it inspires you to try out gradient nails. This is something I am definitely going to try more of in the future, especially during autumn as mixing shades of brown, orange and red will be perfect for the season. Remember that is isn’t just different colours you can experiment with. Why not mix textures e.g. glitter or matte to upgrade this look?


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts.

Lots of love,


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