Monthly Nail Art Favourites: Quarantine Nails Edition

Monthly Nail Art Favourites: Quarantine Nails Edition

It has been a while since I have reviewed and celebrated the nail art of other artists. I always love doing this as it is a great way to observe different styles gain inspiration. With salons being closed over the past few months, many artists have taken their nail art game to the next level, adapting to the change instead of seeing it as a barrier. Nail artist Mei Kawajiri developed quarantine nails by applying painted fake nails on her gloves. This started a widespread trend on Instagram with many people applying their own spins of creativity onto gloves. Here are some of my favourite lockdown looks:



6 Quarantine Nail Art Looks


Mei Kawajiri 

Quarantine Nails

Source: @nailsbymei


It is no surprise that this post blew up. It was such a fun and creative way to show people the importance of wearing gloves and turning a difficult situation into something uplifting. I really like that this was a clever spin on the skin tone nude manicure we tend to see a lot.


Lavi Studios

Quarantine Nails

Source: @lavistudios.official


Continuing the rubber glove trend, this army-inspired look is sleek and edgy. I love the shape of the nails and how well it showcases the matte green shade. This is a shade I have been after for a while and nail art element really brings this look to a different level.


Ania Kesiak Nails

Quarantine Nails

Source: @aniakesiaknails


I really love the pattern on these nails, especially against the hot pink gloves. It kind of reminds me of the ‘crackle’ nail polish trend that I was obsessed with a few years back, but this puts a completely different spin on it with the use of colour and clear space.


Tippin’ Colors Nail Spa 

Quarantine Nails

Source: @tippincolors.nailspa


What stood out to me most about this look is how well the colours go together. Blue and pink are not typically shades I would pair together but the gradient effect looks amazing. I also like how this used shorter nails which tend to get overlooked in nail art. 


Rajni Ranjan

Source: @rajniranjan_

This is such a creative and thoughtful design. Honouring the essential workers who have risked their lives during the pandemic through freehand nail art. You can tell how much effort has gone into making this look so realistic. I also love the ‘cloudy’ base colour effect used here.



Mei Kawajiri 

Quarantine Nails

Source: @nailsbymei 


Finally, another look from Mei Kawajiri, this hand sanitizer inspired nail art is a perfect example of how nail art can be used to bring awareness to important topics. I really like the 3D aloe vera effect on the pinky nail and am really curious to learn how this element was created. I love the shape of these nails and how they were filed to incorporated the sanitizer logo. 


I hope you have enjoyed these quarantine nails as much as I did. It is always great to see which new trends pop up and how artists adapt to this ever-changing industry. I hope you all stay safe and well, whether you are creating your own looks at or home or returning to salons as they slowly begin to open.


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts.


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