3 ways to spice up your French Manicure

3 ways to spice up your French Manicure

French manicure is a classic when it comes to nail art. A look we’ve all be obsessed with at some point, especially during younger years (I know I have) as it is a style often associated with elegance and maturity. However, with the explosion of colourful and bold nail art, this look can also be seen as outdated. Here are three simple yet eye-catching ways you can spice up your French Manicure.

Look #1: Golden tip


1) Paint a neutral colour as your base coat. Pale pink or a mushroom colour works great.

2) For the tip, I followed the free edge of my nail (aka the horizontal white line at the top of your nail) with gold polish. If you are trying this for the first time, then using nail guides or a piece of tape for this step can make this easier. Tip: if using tape, ensure your nails are 100% dry before painting over.

3) Finish off with a top coat, voila!

This look is chic yet classy – often covering the whole nail with glitter polish can be a huge miss, with this style, you maintain the spark whilst keeping it simple.


Look #2: Polka dot tips

1) Paint a neutral colour as your base coat.

2) Paint the free edge of the nails using a black polish.

3) Using your dotting tool, apply white dots over the black line. Tip: if you don’t have a dotting tool, a toothpick is a great replacement!

4) Finish the look with a top coat.

What I love about using polka dots in nail art is that it can really transform a look just by using simple household items. You can experiment with the size of the dots too, it’s all about imagination!


Look #3: Colourful French Manicure 

1) Paint a neutral colour as your base coat.

2) Using a different colour for each nail, paint the free edge of the nail.  Going for pastel colours is great for this look.

3) Finish off with a top coat.


colourful french manicure

This look is great for someone who wants a colourful french manicure look but does not want to go overboard. The pastel colours are also perfect for spring.

Hope you have enjoyed these three looks and feel inspired to try something new. How do you give new life to an old manicure? Share your tips below!

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