Nail art inspired by my closet

Nail art inspired by my closet

Fashion has a big influence on the patterns and colours I use when creating nail art designs, from the Met Gala to Fashion Week runways. However, something I often forget to consider is the random items of clothing in my own closet. With the UK in lockdown 2.0 and salons being closed, it is really important to make the most of the resources around us and find unique to keep ourselves busy and creative.

I decided to pick 3 items of clothing that I felt would translate well as nail art and create quick designs based on this. Enjoy!


3 Random Clothing Nail Art Looks


1) Colourful plaid



This short sleeve oversized plaid shirt is from Monki. As a big fan of plaid shirts, I really like that this piece incorporates a unique mix of light and pastel colours. For this design, I used a turquoise shade for the base colour and applied horizontal and vertical lines with a nail art pen using a mix of brown, blue and pink shades. 

clothing nail art - plaid


2) Black scribbles 



This is another item I got from Monki. It isn’t a short I would typically wear but the pattern on this really caught me eye. It looks almost as if a child scribbled on paper but it works really well as both a casual or fancy shirt depending on what you pair this with. This design only took about 5-10 minutes and was a lot of fun because I got to just go wild with the pen and create little scribbles on the nails. I went with a beige matte shade for the base of this.


clothing nail art - Monki


3) Ankara Skirt 



I got this skirt from an African fashion pop up stall a few years back. This fabulous ankara skirt pays homage to my Nigerian roots. I love the detail in the pattern as well as the use of layers to add volume to this skirt. For the nail art look, I decided to go with a simple design inspired by the colours and shapes used in the skirt. I went with a bright yellow as a base colour then using a dotting tool, applied small white and red lines. Using a thin blue nail art pen, I applied vertical and horizontal lines of different lengths along the nail. 


clothing nail art - Nigerian Kente


I hope you have enjoyed this post and it inspires you to try out a nail look inspired by your closet! Although salons may be closed there are many great ways to have fun with nail art at home and get your creative juices flowing!


Thanks for reading, stay tuned for more posts.

Lot’s of love,


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