Christmas Tree Nail Art – Dotting Tool Tutorial

Christmas Tree Nail Art – Dotting Tool Tutorial

It’s that time of year again! One of my favourite things about this Christmas season is trying out festive nail art looks. I’ve done a few different Christmas nail art designs on this blog and always look forward to trying new looks, gaining inspiration from various places.

This Christmas Tree Nail Art look is inspired by a Christmas tree I saw in Canary Wharf. I’ve been really getting into using my dotting tool lately and thought this was a great opportunity to put a spin on a traditional Christmas tree but in a simple way.


Christmas Tree Nail Art Tutorial


  1. Start by applying your base coat.

2. A neutral colour will work best for the background. I went for grey as it wasn’t too bright that it took away from the tree.

3. Start your dots with any green shades you have. A mix of dark and light is perfect. Using your dotting tool, apply small dots around the nail. Remember that the overall shape will be a triangle so bear this in mind when dotting.

For a beginners guide on how to use a dotting tool, check out this post.




4. Next, fill out any gaps in the triangle with different shades to represent Christmas baubles. I went with red, orange and pink.

5. Can’t forget the star! Using your dotting tool and gold polish, apply a small dot at the top end of the triangle.

Christmas Tree Nail Art

6. Finish off with a top coat.

Products used

  • Nail Art Dotting Tool – The Body Shop
  • High maintenance from Stranded Colour 41
  • Rio Red 2-Way Nail Art brush and Pen
  • MoYou Premium Nail Polish – Teddy Bear
  • BarryM All in One Base & Topcoat
  • Studio London Nail Polish – Gold
  • BF Glamour Nail Lacquer (colour 143-grey)
  • HEMA Oh My Olive (shade 329)
  • HEMA Sea grass (shade 332)
  • Rio Green 2-Way Nail Art brush and Pen

Hope you enjoyed this Christmas Tree Nail Art look. Part 2 is available here.

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Have a safe and happy holiday 🙂

Lots of love,


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