Christmas Nail Art Tutorial Part 2 – Short Nail Edition

Christmas Nail Art Tutorial Part 2 – Short Nail Edition

Welcome to part 2 of the Christmas Nail Art tutorials. This simple yet fun look is perfect for those with shorter nails who don’t want to spend hours in the salon getting a festive look. Enjoy!

1)  Start by applying your base coat.


2)  For this look, 3 main colours will be used, Red, Green and White. Paint each nail with one of these colours in any order.



3)  Using your green nail art pen, draw diagonal lines across one of the nails with red polish.



4)  Now for the present: using your black nail art pen, start by drawing a ‘+’ sign on a nail with green polish. Next, draw an upside-down teardrop on each side to resemble the bow. Finally, draw 2 lines below each bow. Repeat this step for the other green nail and a nail with red polish.



5) On the white nail, draw diagonal lines across the nail using a red nail art pen. This can be as thick or thin as you like. Next, repeat the same steps using a green nail art pen. Any colours can be used for this. I went with red and green for the Christmas theme.



6) Finish off with a top coat.



Products used


  • BarryM All in One Base & Topcoat
  • A. Colors White Polish
  • A. Colors Red Polish
  • Rio Black 2-Way Nail Art brush and Pen
  • Rio Green 2-Way Nail Art brush and Pen
  • Rio Red 2-Way Nail Art brush and Pen

Hope you have enjoyed the Christmas looks, wishing you all a Happy Holidays and Amazing New Year, from Rianna xoxoxo

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