Christmas Nail Art – Part 1: Snowman and Snowflake Tutorial.

Christmas Nail Art – Part 1: Snowman and Snowflake Tutorial.

After a long first semester of uni almost destroying my soul (I survived peeps), I’ve finally completed my deadlines and what better way to celebrate than with a new festive tutorial?! Part 1 of the Christmas nail art edition 😀

1) Start by applying the base coat to each nail.

2) Using your light blue polish, paint two coats on each nail.


3) On the ring finger, use white polish to fill in a medium circle near the bottom of the nail, followed by a smaller circle above it – this can also be done with a white nail pen.


4) Using your black nail pen, fill in small dots to resemble the snowman’s buttons and eyes. Then draw in the hat. A dotting tool will also work for this.

5) Using your red nail pen (any colour will work for this), fill in the snowman’s scarf. Then draw a small dot with an orange polish to resemble the nose.



6) The remaining nails will be used for the snowflake. Using your black nail pen, draw a vertical line down the nail.


7) Next, draw two diagonal lines, crossing the vertical line with an ‘X’.



8) Carefully draw smaller lines on each end of the parallel lines.


9) Repeat this step on the other parallel line. Do this for each remaining nail.


10) Finish off the look with a top coat. I used a glittery top coat as this added a bit of sparkle to the snowflakes.


Products used.


  • BarryM All in One Base & Topcoat
  • BarryM Jewel Glitter Silver Polish
  • A. Colors White Polish
  • H&M Baby Blue Nail Polish
  • Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Colour 18 (Papaya)
  • Rio Red 2-Way Nail Art Brush and Pen
  • Rio Black 2-Way Nail Art Brush and Pen


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Happy Holidays, from Rianna xoxoxo

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