Christmas Jumper Nails – Nail Art Tutorial

Christmas Jumper Nails – Nail Art Tutorial


Christmas jumpers have become a tradition in the UK, from a charity focused Christmas Jumper Day to many retailers beginning to incorporate modern trends and pop culture references into designs. They are also a great source of inspiration for nail art, thanks to their use of multiple colours and funky patterns. Here are Christmas jumper nails you can recreate from the comfort of your own home.


Christmas Jumper Nails


  1. Start by applying your base coat.

2. Paint each nail with a light blue shade.


3. Apply a thin horizontal line using the purple polish on the end of each nail. I used a nail art pen for this as the thin tip of the brush provides a smoother line.

4. Using a different colour shade (I decided to go with grey) paint another horizontal line above the previous line, leaving a small gap between the two lines.

5. Using white polish and your dotting tool (a toothpick also works!) paint small dots along the purple line.


6. For the next step, I created some “snowflakes” using a nail art pen and purple polish. As the lines were thin, this made the step a lot easier. If you do not have a pen, a dotting tool and toothpick are always an alternative. However, the thinner the line the easier!



7. Create a line bordering the grey line, using white polish. Again, as this line is thin so using a pen or the lined side of a dotting tool makes this step easier.



8. To fill in the gaps, between the horizontal lines I switched between a baby pink and gold shade on each nail. Adding a bit of sparkle to this look is great for the festive theme.


9. Finish off with a top coat.

Christmas Jumper Nails

Finish off with a top coat.

Products used


  • Nail Art Dotting Tool – The Body Shop
  • Nail Art brush (available on Amazon)
  • MoYou Premium Nail Polish – Teddy Bear
  • Makeup Gallery Time to Shine (purple)
  • Got the Blues (colour 620) Colour Crush – The Body Shop
  • BarryM All in One Base & Topcoat
  • Studio London Nail Polish – Gold
  • BF Glamour Nail Lacquer (colour 143-grey)
  • Colors White Polish

Hope you have enjoyed these Christmas Jumper Nails wishing you all a Merry Christmas and an Amazing New Year. Click here to subscribe for updates and here to view more posts 🙂

Happy Holidays, from Rianna xoxoxo


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