Fireworks Night – bonfire nail art tutorial

Fireworks Night – bonfire nail art tutorial

Hey all! Fireworks Night is coming up and what better way to celebrate than with a nail art look. This look is also great for parties and the holiday season in general. Here is a step by step tutorial on how I achieved this look.


Bonfire Nail Art Tutorial

  1. Start by applying your base coat. This is particularly important when using a darker shade of polish as this is more likely to stain the nail.


2. Paint each nail with a dark shade. A black polish will work for this however I used a dark blue shade as I felt this gave a better effect in the light.



3. Apply nail polish (any shade of your choice, neon and bright colours work great against the dark blue base) to the tip of your nail art brush. Draw two small star shapes on the nail. TIP: if you do not have a nail art brush, a dotting tool or toothpick will also work. Since this design involves a lot of small lines, the thinner the brush the more effective the shapes and easier to draw.



4. Using a lighter shade of polish (e.g. a yellow shade over an orange shade) go over the star design as shown below.

Bonfire Nail Art Tutorial 


5. Repeat this step on the rest of the nails. Feel free to play around with the colours and the sizes of the stars e.g. I went for a medium shaped white and grey star on the middle nail.



6. Using your nail art pen and white polish, create a small outline around each star. This will make the base colours stand out more.



7. To create the fire effect shown on the nail of the ring finger, apply red polish to the brush. Starting from one end of the nail, draw thin lines towards the centre of the nail. Repeat this step using an orange and a yellow polish.


8. Now for the fun part…glitter! Any nail polish containing glitter will work for this. I used the BarryM Diamond Glitter polish. Simply apply the polish to any blank spaces on the nail. What is great about this is that no matter how much or how little glitter you use, as the base of the design uses a black/dark blue shade, the glitter will have a great finish once the look is complete.



9. Finish off the look with a top coat.


Fireworks Night - Bonfire Nail Art Tutorial 


Products used


  • Nail Art brush (available on Amazon in a pack of 15, what a bargain!)
  • The Body Shop Colour Crush 680 Blue Abyss
  • BarryM All in One Base & Topcoat
  • BarryM Diamond Glitter (shade 350)
  • BarryM Gelly Hi Shine Dragon Fruit (shade 11)
  • High maintenance from Stranded Colour 41
  • High maintenance from Stranded Colour 37
  • Rio Red 2-Way Nail Art brush and Pen
  • MoYou Premium Nail Polish – Teddy Bear
  • BF Glamour Nail Lacquer (colour 143-grey)
  • Colors White Polish
  • HEMA Oh My Olive (shade 329)

I hope you enjoyed this bonfire nail art look. It was a lot of fun to create and play around with multiple colours. It was also great to finally put my glitter nail polish to use! Thanks for reading! Click here to subscribe for updates and here to view more posts 🙂 Happy Fireworks Night to all! Stay safe x

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