Award Season Manicures Part 2 – Grammy’s and Oscar’s

Award Season Manicures Part 2 – Grammy’s and Oscar’s

The past few months we have seen Awards Season dominate our social media feeds, from the extravagant musical performances to the hot (and sometimes not) red carpet looks. It was also great to see so many amazing films/tv shows, actors/actresses and musicians are celebrated for their work. For instance, Parasite winning Best Picture (as it should!), Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Joaquin Phoenix basically sweeping up all the awards and some insane fashion looks *cough cough* Ariana Grande. With the season drawing a close with the Oscars on Sunday, here are some of my favourite looks from the Grammy’s and Oscars.


The Grammy’s


Lizzo by Eri Ishizu

For me, this look was all about innovation. Ishizu named this the ‘lucky eight design’ and painted the number eight on each nail to represent Lizzo’s eight nominations (iconic!). The look was such a playful and creative way to celebrate the success of an incredible artist on a special night. Additionally, the nails really complemented Lizzo’s all-white Versace gown with faux-fur.



Source: @erierinailz


Camila Cabello by Kim Truong

Putting a spin on a French Manicure is definitely one of the biggest trends we have seen a rise in this past year. I always love to see how artists embody this in different ways. Truong did this by swapping the classic white tips with black polish to match Cabello’s dress, showcasing an edgy yet elegant look.


Source: @kimkimnails


The Oscar’s


Cynthia Erivo by Gina Oh

Gina Oh took this look to the next level by contrasting two different designs; one hand was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and the other paid homage to Harriet Tubman following the North Star to freedom. This is the definition of treating the nails as a canvas and slaying it. I love how nail art has the power to tell a story, celebrate history and generate conversations.



Source: @ohriginails


Zazie Beetz by Betina Goldstein

Similar to Cabello’s Grammy look, Goldstein subverted the traditional French manicure, this time with a “pointy French”. What stood out about this look was the shape of the nail edge, with the tipped accents meeting in the middle of the nail. This just goes to show how many variations you can create based on classic designs in a way that suits your style.


Source: @betina_goldstein


Margaret Qualley by Betina Goldstein

This is the perfect look for those who want something simple but still elegant. Named by Goldstein as a ‘mismatched circle minimalistic manicure’ this look used a deep emerald shade on each finger with the middle and index fingers with a black polka dot. This is a creative spin on the negative nail trend and definitely something I am going to try out.


Source: Getty Images


I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration for your next manicure. What were your favourite red carpet looks? Did any of your favourite artists or movies take home awards this year?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts.

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