Award Season Manicures Part 1 -The Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Award

Award Season Manicures Part 1 -The Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Award

Award season is upon us and that means we are about to be hit with iconic red carpet looks. As a huge fan of film and television, I love seeing people come together to celebrate the great performances and production over the year. Not only does it give me an opportunity to learn about new shows/tv (like the film Parasite, which I would 100% recommend), it is a great source of inspiration for nail art looks and admiration for the hours of technique and creativity artists put into these manicures.

I have shared some of my favourite manicures from The 2020 Critics’ Choice Award and Golden Globes. Enjoy!


The Golden Globes


Joey King by Thuy Nguyen

This futuristic look utilised different geometric lines on each finger to create a wonderful accessory to King’s hypnotising gown. You can see just how much detail went into this through how precise the lines are, adding a sense of effortlessness and delicacy to the nails.  This look can also be achieved in the comfort of your own home with a few shades, a thin nail art brush and patience.


Source: @thuybnguyen


Jenifer Lopez by Tom Bachik

Described as a “modern interpretation of a classic French paying homepage to Old Hollywood glamour”, this look was full of glow straight from the cuticle and embodied a slight ombre effect diffusing the lines between the white tip and natural nail. Bachik took this to the next level by adding shimmer to this for the Golden Globes after-party. Yes, that’s right, two looks in one night!


Source: @tombachik


Busy Phillips by Nettie Davis

Here we see the trend of modernising the classic French Manicure, this time with a bold burgundy and switch up on the use of nail space. This was the perfect manicure for Phillips’ glitzy wine-red dress and is definitely a look I think we will see more of this year.

Source: @nettienailsit


The Critics’ Choice Awards


Billy Porter by Vanessa Sanchez McCullough

This look is the definition of ‘extra’ in the best way possible.  The from the neon shade, to the futuristic vibe, nail artist Vanessa Sanchez McCullough called this look ‘shattered’ and it is completely fitting as it was worn by Billy Porter who is continuing to challenge stereotypes and show that males can totally rock nail art too.


Source: @theebillyporter


Awkwafina by Thuy Nguyen

Described as a “minimalistic manicure with a dash of nail art”, Awkwafina’s nails incorporated negative space and in a unique way.  This look was very fitting with the casual nature of the ceremony yet conveyed an elegant and chic finish. This cuticle nail art is great for those who want something simple, or perhaps are just getting started into nail art.


Source: @thuybnguyen


I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration for your next manicure. What was your favourite red carpet look? Did any of your favourite shows/movies take home awards this year?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts.

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