90s Nail Art tutorial

90s Nail Art tutorial

We may be well into a new decade but influence from the 90’s isn’t going anywhere. From iconic TV shows being rebooted to fashion trends such as chokers and cargo pants making a comeback, the era that brought us Rugrats, Furbies and Clueless is still being celebrated. One thing I love about of the fashion from the 90s is the vibrant colours and funky patterns. Why not celebrate that with some 90s nail art!


90s Nail Art Inspo

The first thing I usually do before starting any nail art is to look for inspiration. I started by googling 90s artwork and patterns then picked the ones that stood out to me the most and ones I felt would translate well onto nails. I also looked at some 90’s outfits. I loved the music video to the Finesse Remix by Bruno Mars and Cardi B. The aesthetics also played a big part in the design too.


90s Nail Art Tutorial

1) I started off with this ‘Saved by the Bell’ inspired pattern. I painted the base of my nail yellow, then added blue and pink triangles. I went over this with my black nail art pen to make the colours bolder and the yellow pop out more. I finally added a few small black lines in the empty yellow space.


Source: Buzzfeed



2) To recreate the shirt Bruno Mars wore in the Finesse Remix video, I started by painting a horizontal line at the centre of the nail using my black nail art pen. I then added two green horizontal lines around this, followed by a white and yellow line. If you don’t have a nail art pen, the thin end of a dotting tool or toothpick will work. I decided to add a thin gold line to this too to represent the gold chain.


Source: Genius 


3) I really liked this pattern and wanted to do something similar but with different colours. I used blue for the base then added a small white triangle using my nail art pen. I then used a black nail art pen to create smaller triangles around this. I added another small triangle in orange and painted a few small lines around this. Finally, I used my dotting tool to add some pink and green circles (the end of a bobby pin will also work for this!).


Source: kylikats



4) For the pinkie finger, I went with a hot pink base then added black, yellow and white dashes using the small end of the dotting tool.


5) For the thumb, I used bright yellow as the base colour then used my dotting tool to create circles of different sizes. I then went around this with black nail art pen and added some small lines.


6) Finally, I went over each nail with a top coat.


The final look


90s nail art 90s nail art90s nail art


I hope you enjoyed this 90s nail art post and felt the nostalgia like I did. I had a lot of fun playing around with the colours and patterns (and looking back on a lot of shows I used to watch was a bonus too).


What was your favourite thing about the 90s?


Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts.

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