2020 Paris Fashion Week Nail Art

2020 Paris Fashion Week Nail Art

Over the past month, we have seen the fashion industry flourish celebrating unique and transcending creations during Fashion Week season.  Setting myself a goal of creating a Fashion Week nail art look based on four of the major cities (New York, London, Milan and Paris) has been challenging but extremely enjoyable and opened my eyes to so many new patterns and techniques.  Ending in Paris, here is the final design I created.


The outfit

An outfit that caught my eye was featured in the Hermes show. As soon as I saw it I knew it was something that would translate really well into nail art. The use of bold primary colours and geometric shapes came together to create a look that was simplistic yet sophisticated. Creative Director Nadège Vanhee-Cybulski explained that she wanted to do “primary colours and classicism”. You can really see the detail that was put into the dress with precision and variation in the thickness of the stripes.



Source: @Hermes_Paris


Source: @Hermes_Paris


Another reason why this look stood out to me was that it drew homage to one of my favourite paintings by Mondrian – Composition with Red, Blue and Yellow (that may be featured in an upcoming post *wink wink*), a painting that shows how a little pop of colour can bring a white canvas to life.

This look was also really simple to create, all you need is a nail art pen and a few shades. Go classic and stick to the primary colours or add a few more colours. Here is a short tutorial of how I achieved this:


Paris Fashion Week Nail Art Tutorial

1) I started off with white as the base colour.



2) Using a nail art pen (the smaller end of your dotting tool can also work) paint vertical lines across each nail. The thickness and length of these are completely up to you. I went with variations for this as I loved how this was presented in the dress.



3) Although the dress used horizontal lines, I added a vertical line to each nail to add a layer effect.



4) Finish off with a top coat.


Paris Fashion Week Nail Art



I hope you have enjoyed the Fashion Week Nail Art series and this inspired you to try out a new look. Or look to your outfits for inspiration for a future design! Check out looks from the previous cities here.

What was your favourite look during fashion week? Comment down below.


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