2020 New York Fashion Week Nails

2020 New York Fashion Week Nails

One of my favourite posts I have created on this blog was the 2019 New York Fashion Week inspired nail art. I had so much fun reviewing the catwalks, analysing the outfits and using this as inspiration for nail art creations.

This year I am really excited to see the looks, particularly as the Fall/Winter season has always been one of my favourites when it comes to fashion. Starting with New York, I will be reviewing some of my favourite runway looks and recreating an outfit through nail art.


The outfit

An outfit that really caught my eye was during the Monse show. Plaid was a big theme on the catwalk and this was taken to the next level with a colourful and punky spin. Monse founders Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia described the collection as “happy punk”, drawing inspiration from the beloved character ’Fantastic Mr Fox’ and his thrifty patchwork suits. I love the use of multiple colours and patterns here. The green, red and yellow really compliment each other and put a playful spin on an otherwise simple look. I also love how creative Kim and Garcia got with the outfit from an oversized trench coat to a plaid strapless dress.



Source: @monsemaison


New York Fashion Week Nails – Tutorial

Here is a tutorial of how I created a nail art look inspired by the collection:

1) Start off with your base coat.

2) Pick your three base colours. To mirror the design, I went with a red, yellow and green however I opted for a slightly lighter shade of green as I wanted the plaid pattern to appear bolder against this.


3) Starting with one colour, paint the edge of one side of each nail – you can also play around with this e.g. straight lines, triangles. They don’t have to be equal in width.



4) Repeat this with the second shade and follow with the last shade.


5) For the plaid lines, I used a black nail art pen (a dotting tool can also work) and painted horizontal, followed by vertical lines across the nail. I added a few dark green lines too using a dotting tool. I added in a few white lines to give off a bolder effect.


Tip: play around with the thickness of the lines, it’s all about being creative just like the Monse design.


6) Finish off with a top coat.



New York Fashion Week Nails




I hope you enjoyed these New York Fashion Week Nails. I have missed doing tutorials and it was great to have such a wide selection of outfits to draw inspiration from.

Have you been keeping up with Fashion Week? What were some of your favourite looks?

Thanks for reading, stay tuned for the next fashion week post. Next stop – London baby!

Lots of love,




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