2020 Milan Fashion Week Nail Art

2020 Milan Fashion Week Nail Art

There is no doubt that sustainability has become a buzzword in the fashion industry. Factors such as the immense overproduction of items and cheap synthetic textile fibres have had a negative impact on the environment. As a result, brands and retailers have been pushed to reduce their environmental impact and adopt sustainable practices. Luckily, we are slowly starting to see this take place, evident during Milan Fashion Week.


The show

A collection that caught my attention was during the Marni show. Creative Director Francesco Risso described this as ‘beauty in leftovers’ with “collaged puzzles of remnants”. Scraps from tapestries and knitwear were pieced together to make dresses. We saw a blend of old and new with this being mixed with futuristic golden/silver glitter makeup and masks printed on the dresses. This was not just limited to the outfits; the seats in the show were formed out of sponges of old sofas. I really like how the theme of recycling and re-using was portrayed in the show. It made me think about how I approach my own clothes and polishes. To be completely honest, there have been times when I have reached the end of my polish and simply purchased another one, without thinking about the additional uses I can make out of this. This reminded me that anything can be repurposed.


Milan Fashion Week Nail Art

Milan Fashion Week Nail Art




Source: Vouge 



Milan Fashion Week Nail Art Tutorial

I had a lot of fun creating this look through nail art. The use of multiple colours and shapes meant that I really got to play around with this design and get creative with how I wanted this to look. It wasn’t such a case as mirroring the exact design, but more so seeing how I could transform this into a nail art look. Here is a tutorial of how I achieved the look:

1) I started off using white polish and adding two small strokes along each nail.



2) I then repeated this step using more colours – beige, grey, orange, baby pink and yellow.



3) To represent the glitter masks on the dresses, I used a nail art pen and golden polish to draw small circles and ovals on each nail.



4) Using my black nail art pen, I filled in any gaps left on the nails.


5) Finish off the look with a top coat.


Milan Fashion Week Nail Art



I hope you have been enjoying the Fashion Week Nail Art series and that the Marni show also inspired you to make a difference to how you approach waste reduction – no matter how big or small 😊

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