2020 London Fashion Week Inspired Nail Art

2020 London Fashion Week Inspired Nail Art


London Fashion Week showcased crafty and distinctive collections from emerging designers to established household names.  A look that really captured my eye was during the Dilara Findikoglu show. The piece named ‘Mother’ was a striking floral red top with a fuchsia maxi skirt. Bright pink and red are not colours I would typically associate in an outfit but it works really well here. The floral top kind of reminded me of the negative space nail trend that has been transforming the world of nail art. The way Findikoglu was able to capture such an alluring look with such minimal material and the use of bare skin, makes this outfit so eye-catching.


Source: The Upcoming 


A similar outfit in the collection I loved was a dress that featured a giant rose trellis with shades of red, pink and black. Again, the combination of colours works so well here and puts a playful spin on a simple floral dress.


Source: The Upcoming 

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To be honest, creating a nail art look after this was quite challenging. It is such an intricate design and translating that onto nails took a lot of ‘starting over’. I did had a lot of fun with this though. It’s always great to go out of your comfort zone when creating pieces, after all if it was easy it would get boring!


1) For the base, I used a very light brown shade. To create a ‘nude’ look, I would suggest going for a shade close to your skin colour, or a few shades lighter.


2) Using red polish and a dotting tool (if you have a nail art pen this step is even easier), draw 2 or 3 horizontal lines down the nails. I left the ring finger nail blank as I wanted to do a different design here.


3) Using a pink polish, paint the tips of your nail. I did this on the thumb and middle finger. It’s totally up to you which nails you select for this.


4) Using your red nail art pen / dotting tool, apply small circles along the red lines to form mini flowers.


5) To make the rose element stand out more, I used a black nail art pen and outlined the shape. I also decided to trace some black horizontal lines along the nail to add further effect.


6) I left the ring finger blank as I wanted to create a similar rose to that on the second outfit from the show. To create this, I started off with a ‘pink blob’ then slowly added lines of red and black using a nail art pen. I would suggest opting for a very thin pen as this took quite a while to get to. It isn’t perfect but I was happy with how the colours came together in the end.


7) Finish off the look with a top coat.



I hope you enjoyed this post J These fashion inspired looks have been really fun to recreate and I can’t wait for the next city….Milan baby!

Lot’s of love,


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