2020 London Fashion Week Inspired Nail Art

2020 London Fashion Week Inspired Nail Art

  London Fashion Week showcased crafty and distinctive collections from emerging designers to established household names.  A look that really captured my eye was during the Dilara Findikoglu show. The piece named ‘Mother’ was a striking floral red top with a fuchsia maxi skirt. Bright […]

2020 New York Fashion Week Inspired Nail Art

2020 New York Fashion Week Inspired Nail Art

One of my favourite posts I have created on this blog was the 2019 New York Fashion Week inspired nail art. I had so much fun reviewing the catwalks, analysing the outfits and using this as inspiration for nail art creations. This year I am […]

Award Season Manicures Part 2 – Grammy’s and Oscar’s

Award Season Manicures Part 2 – Grammy’s and Oscar’s

The past few months we have seen Awards Season dominate our social media feeds, from the extravagant musical performances to the hot (and sometimes not) red carpet looks. It was also great to see so many amazing films/tv shows, actors/actresses and musicians be celebrated for their work. For instance Parasite picking Best Picture (as it should!), Billie Eilish, Lizzo and Joaquin Phoenix basically sweeping up all the awards and some insane fashion looks *cough cough* Ariana Grande. With the season drawing a close with the Oscars on Sunday, here are some of my favourite looks from the Grammy’s and Oscars.


The Grammy’s


Lizzo by Eri Ishizu

For me this look was all about innovation. Ishizu named this the ‘lucky eight design’ and painted the number eight on each nail to represent Lizzo’s eight nominations (iconic!). The look was such a playful and creative way to celebrate the success of an incredible artist on a special night. Additionally, the nails really complemented Lizzo’s all-white Versace gown with faux-fur.


Source: @erierinailz


Camila Cabello by Kim Truong

Putting a spin on a French Manicure is definitely one of the biggest trends we have seen rise this past year. I always love to see how artists embody this in different ways. Truong did this by swapping the classic white tips with black polish to match Cabello’s dress, showcasing an edgy yet elegant look.


Source: @kimkimnails


The Oscar’s


Cynthia Erivo by Gina Oh

Gina Oh took this look to the next level by contrasting two different designs; one hand was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s “Starry Night” and the other paid homage to Harriet Tubman following the North Star to freedom. This is the definition of treating the nails like a canvas and slaying it. I love how nail art has the power to tell a story, celebrate history and generate conversations.


Source: @ohriginails


Zazie Beetz by Betina Goldstein

Similar to Cabello’s Grammy look, Goldstein subverted the traditional French manicure, this time with a “pointy French”. What stood out about this look was the shape of the nail edge, with the tipped accents meeting in the middle of the nail. This just goes to show how many variations you can create based on classic designs in a way that suits your style.


Source: @betina_goldstein


Margaret Qualley by Betina Goldstein

This is the perfect look for those who want something simple but still elegant. Named by Goldstein as a ‘mismatched circle minimalistic manicure’ this look used a deep emerald shade on each finger with the middle and index fingers with a black polka dot. This is a creative spin on the negative nail trend and definitely something I am going to try out.


Source: Getty Images


I hope you enjoyed this post and gained some inspiration for your next manicure. What were your favourite read carpet looks? Did any of your favourite artists or movies take home awards this year?

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts.

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Award Season Manicures Part 1 -The Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Award

Award Season Manicures Part 1 -The Golden Globes and Critics’ Choice Award

Award season is upon us and that means we are about to be hit with iconic red carpet looks. As a huge fan of film and television, I love seeing people come together to celebrate the great performances and production over the year. Not only […]

Top Nail Art trends of 2019 (that we’ll be bringing into 2020)

Top Nail Art trends of 2019 (that we’ll be bringing into 2020)

The standard of nail art really heightened this year. From new nail art trends to classical styles making a comeback and extravagant celebrity nails taking over our Instagram feeds (cough cough Cardi B). To end 2019, I’ve reviewed some of the biggest trends this year […]

Monthy Nail Art Favourites – November 2019

Monthy Nail Art Favourites – November 2019

November probably felt like the fastest month of the year so far. It feels like I wrote my October Favourites post last week. This may be because I have been so busy over the past few weeks that I haven’t really gotten a chance to sit back and reflect on the month. This is also one of the reasons I love doing these reviews. We often get so caught up in our own hectic schedules that we miss out on seeing all the great things people around us (and far away) are creating. Here are some my favourite nail art looks from this month. Enjoy!



This look gives off such a ‘glow in the dark’ vibe which is perfect for the theme of fireworks. I really like the detail that went into each nail and how well the glitter works against the gel polish. This is such a great design for those with shorter nails who still want to experiment with nail art.


Source: @bymaiseygray

I didnt get a chance to create a fireworks nail art look this year, but check out my design from last year here.



From the perfect nail shape to the strong use of colour, this look proved that you don’t have to have a crazy amount of details to stand out. I love how the different shades all compliment each other. They also look amazing on this skin tone, which has definitely inspired me to try out this kind of style in the future.


Source: @kensthetic_

I recently did a post all about fall nails and my favourite things about this season, check it out here.



What I love most about this look is the various blue shades used to make up the sea and how well these are blended together. The clear background surrounding this also gives off a 3-D affect which takes the design to another level. Finally, the fishes – no explanation needed.


Source: @nailsbymh



I  absolutely love watching WIRED’s Autocoplete Inverviews (the best type of procastination). After watching a Netflix film called ‘Let it Snow’ (it was actually really cute but I wish I watched it in December cause I’m still not in the Christmas mood). I found myself watching every cast single interview (this in another form of procastination for me). During this one, all I could think of was ‘damn Isabela’s nails are on point!’ so did I little research and found the artists who created this look. The LA based celebrity nail artists have created a variety of killer looks incorporatimg a range of nail techniques.

I love how well the gold sequins and glitter complements the light pink shade. Sometimes the use of gliiter and sequins can overpower the nail, but the variation of glitter quantity and detailed design on each nail really adds an elegance to it.


Source: @nailsbydiem


I hope you enjoyed this post. What was your favourite look from this month? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more posts.

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Fall Inspired Nail Art

Fall Inspired Nail Art

There are so many things I love about fall. The fashion, the seasonal food, the scents. One of my favourite things is watching the leaves change colour. From vibrant greens to soft shades of yellow, red and brown. Despite the fact that it is generally […]

Monthly Nail Art Favourites – October 2019

Monthly Nail Art Favourites – October 2019

So far, this blog has mainly been about sharing my designs and artwork. However, there is such a huge and talented community of nail artists around the world, with amazing designs that deserve to be celebrated. As a result, I decided to share some of […]

New York Fashion Week 2019 Inspired Nail Art

New York Fashion Week 2019 Inspired Nail Art

Although the outfits are the hot topic during any fashion show, nail art was a huge factor in New York Fashion Week. Artists created a range of looks that complimented the remarkable designs on the runway. With the focus on spring/summer 2020, some artists kept this simple to keep the focus on the clothes whilst others went all out, with looks that added even more value to the outfits. The attention to detail, creativity and strategic thinking that goes into the nail art for fashion week needs to be celebrated.

Here are some of my favourite looks from the runway:

Paintbox Nails at the Ulla Johnson SS’20 show

Source: Paintbox Nails

I love how different this look is. The vibrant colour and unique use of space really takes simple design and turns it into an eye-catching piece of art.


Miss Pop Nails for Jeremy Scott

Source: Miss Pop Nails

This look was inspired by Jem and the Holograms and Saved by the Bell, and it definitely doesn’t disappoint. The use of bold colours, striking patterns and shapes really make this stand out. I also love that there was a different design on each nail, it is clear that a lot of thought went into this look.


The Nail Suite by Lisa Logan and team for Pyler Moss

Source: mininalcode

I am obsessed with this look. The strong use of colour and simplicity of painting straight lines really comes together to create something different. There were also a range of variations and colour schemes to this for each model which I found really intriguing. I also love that the pinky nails had a plain colour and each design really blended well with the model’s makeup.


Of course this post wouldn’t be complete without honouring some of the amazing runway looks through nail art. Here are two looks I create based on some of my favourite outfits.

Marc Jacobs Fashion Show

Source: Vogue

The Marc Jacobs Show was a “celebration of life, joy, equality, individuality, optimism, happiness, indulgence, dreams, and a future unwritten…”. Jacobs wanted to fill the room with colour, movement and joy which was evident in the variety of looks that were showcased. One that stood out most to me was a look that incorporated violet and yellow shades, made up of chiffon flowers. I loved how well the colours worked together (especially since these are not colours I would typically associate with each other). Many believe this was a reference to the 1970s flower child (which Jacob’s first highlighted in his 2001 collection) symbolising unity and peace at a time where the country felt divided.



To create this look, I had to be a bit adventurous as I ran out of lilac polish so ended up using a dark purple shade and mixing this with white polish to get different variants of purple. I had a lot of fun creating this and it made me realise how challenging it can be to create a design based on few colours. However, this also made it a creative experiment and so satisfying when I finally got the right shades!



Pyer Moss Show

Source: Fashion L’amour

What I loved about this show is that really captured what makes fashion so compelling; its ability to tell a story through visuals. This showcase entitled ‘Sister’ was the final chapter of the Peter Moss trilogy and celebrated Sister Rosetta Tharpe, a queer black woman and popular singer in the 1930s and 40s who unknown to many, was widely referred to as the godmother of rock and roll (The aim of the show was to celebrated voices who has been eradicated from popular culture). Pyer Moss founder Jean-Raymond explained that he “wanted to explore what that aesthetic might have looked like if her story would have been told.”

The colours, the patterns and the detailed imagery in each outfit really came through, from guitar symbols to the afro hairstyle shapes. The striking garments celebrated the essence of black culture and gave me a feeling of joy through colour alone.

This look was really fun to work with for the nail design. I got to be really creative with the use of colours and shapes. I didn’t really have a set vision on how I wanted this to look as I essentially picked up any colour that stood out to me and took it from there. Similar to the garments, I used a vibrant yellow for the base colour. Yellow can be a tricky shade to work with particularly when pairing this with other colours but in this case, it ended up working really well and uplifting the final look.


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post. Stay tuned for more 🙂

What was your favourite look during fashion week? Comment down below.

P.s. if you enjoyed this post, take a look at my Met Gala Inspired Nail Art!


3 Summer Nail Art looks for short nails

3 Summer Nail Art looks for short nails

Short nails are like the middle child – they never get much attention. I admit, it’s a lot easier to create new designs on longer nails are there is more space to work with but short nails need some love too! I usually give my […]